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Magical Creations

Where You Can Create Magic!!!

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Ceramics, Gifts and More...

Something for Everyone

Painting Pottery

Painting vases, coffee mugs, plates...

you name it!

We have a considerable amount of decorative and practical pieces already fired and ready to be painted. If you have an idea of what you want to paint, check our large selection of molds and see if you can find what your are looking for.  Here, we consider that each piece of art created is a one of a kind masterpiece. Call us today to find out more. Parking space is limited, so it’s best to make an appointment.

Home Events

We bring the party to you!  If you have an event: birthday party, girls night out, family activity, friends get together "just because".  You decide the theme or the specific pieces your guests will be painting and we'll bring the ceramics, the paint, the brushes and you provide the artists.  We can’t all be a modern Picasso, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a shot. Relax and have some fun!

Ceramic Bowls and Plates

What We Envision

Bringing Artists Together

At Magical Creations, our mission is to create an inspiring, communal space for all kinds of artists - from beginners to professionals - to come together and express their creativity. We believe in unlocking the talent within each and every one of us, and offer a wide range of art projects for all students. Whether you’re a professional looking for new inspiration, a brand new student hoping to learn a thing or two about art, or if you’re simply interested in picking up a new hobby, Magical Creations is here to welcome you into the fold.

Ceramic Art

What We Believe

Learn. Create. Inspire.

We believe every artist needs an adequate space in which to create, and that space should inspire and support their creative process. We also understand how important it is for the place to have just the right environment, and that is what we strive to provide at Magical Creations. If you’re looking for a place that nurtures your artistic journey, look no further.  We can't wait to see your creations!

Pottery Workshop

About Us

Shop Background

Like the Phoenix, Magical Creations was created from the ashes of Designs by Maria.  In this new and exciting chapter, instead of only being the platform to my creativity, in our shop, we will strive to foster imagination and creativity by helping YOU create beautiful art. I am a Certified Duncan Teacher and everything I have learned through the years is at your disposal.  Let's have fun!

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Ready to make some art with us? Contact us today.
Shop Hours: By Appointment Only

3069 NW 26th Street, Lauderdale Lakes, Florida 33311

(954) 593-6480

*We accept Cash and Personal Checks Only*

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